Schatz 400 Day Clock

by Roland Wood

Schatz 400 Day Clock

Schatz 400 Day Clock

This is a Schatz Anniversary Clock given to my grandfather early 20th century.

Plate Height 88cm
Plate Width 66cm
Gap 30cm
No Inspection Holes
4 Ball Pendulum
Eccentric Nut Adjuster
Dead Beat Pallets
Winder Left
Locking None
Platform Height 100mm
Dome Height 260mm
Dome Diameter 135mm / Glass

No Makers Name on Dial / Made in Germany on Dial
Logo 2 elephants on Bottom Right Just off centre on Back Plate

Made in Germany Bottom Right Corner of Back Plate
Floral loops with Gold Balls on Dial between Numbers

Made in Germany Below Number 6 on Dial
Solid Brass
Ceramic Dial

Anyone have more information?

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