Sam Sung Watch Mfg. Co. Ltd

by Mike
(Waterloo, ON, Canada)

30-day Calendar Wall Clock

30-day Calendar Wall Clock

I recently saw this clock at a second hand store, and my Mother kindly bought it for me for Christmas as I could not afford it myself.

It is a spring driven wall clock, approx 11"W x 20.5"H.

On the clock face it says "Three Star" and "30 Day" and below the face there is a date and weekday display with the words "DAY-DATE" and "SAM SUNG WATCH MFG. CO., LTD."

It says Made In Korea on it, which makes sense as Samsung is a Kroean company, but it gives no indication as to the age, and I cant seem to find any information online about Sam Sung spring driven clocks, and whether they are reasonable quality, etc.

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