Revere electric mantle clock counts wrong

by James
(Twin Cities MN, USA)

I have an old Revere electric mantle clock. It has beautiful sound but it counts wrong. For the most part is is one hour ahead with its counting. However it does count correctly sometimes in a twelve hour period. The other thing is, it only counts to seven at noon and midnight. It usually starts OK at one o'clock and is off by an hour by seven. It will stay one hour ahead until twelve and count to seven.

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Revere Clock
by: Bill

Hi James,

The problem is most likely due to the "snail" gear that rides on the center hour post needs to be moved to the correct position.

On some clocks this may be fairly simple to fix, but others quite hard to get to, especially on some electric clocks.

If you are able to remove the hands and dial of the clock, you can probably do this yourself.

With the dial removed, look at the center shaft. You will see the snail gear (so named because it does resemble a snail). To one side of this should be another smaller gear with a c-clamp or wire and washer holding it and the snail in place.

First, make sure the clock is set to 12:00, then remove the c-clamp, or wire and washer holding the small gear on (no need to remove the small gear).

Next lift the snail gear toward you until you can rotate it freely and turn it so that the "rack" (which is a lever with ladder-like teeth on it will drop onto the deepest point in the snail, but does not touch the back point where the snail rises sharply to make the clock strike one.

The deepest notch is 12:00 the highest point is 1:00 and each notch is one more hour.

Good luck, Bill

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