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Eisner Company
by: mark in houston

I have some information as to the company

No idea whether the Uhrenfabrik Senden ever sold watches.

But the brand Rensie (simply Eisner spelled backwards) was also the trademark
of Paul V. Eisner & Co., New York, an importer and wholesaler of Swiss watches.

I'M MARK in Houston, I am 59 - my mom was cleaning out some old things she had and my dad was given a watch with his initials on it many many years ago. Mom gave it to me and it runs perfectly. Has a 14 k gold case and is a man's watch. I will have to take a digital picture of it. There is not much I can find, some of these old watches on some auctions sell for thousands of dollars and also hundreds of dollars.

The watch I have might have been a 15 dollar watch. Since back in the 40's and 50's that was a lot of money.


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