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by: Anonymous

it is a 12 inches drop pendulum clock and not aregulator for slow running raise the pendulumby winding the small screew at the bottom of the pendulum

regulator wall clock
by: Anonymous


I also live in Bend and recently received a non working clock exactly like the one you posted from my Grandmother. I searched the internet and your picture was the only one I found like the one I now have. I took it in to get it repaired and according to the clock repair shop, it is an inexpensive clock, made in Korea, and can not actually be repaired because the parts are of such poor quality that they wont handle being removed, cleaned, and replaced in the clock. I am having a quartz movement with chimes placed in mine. The only thing I do know about this clock is that my Grandfather gave it to my Grandmother for their 50th Anniversary and that was in December 1970. If you have any other questions that I may be able to answer, email me at

Hope this helps.


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