Poppo Cockoo Clock

by Joanne
(Western Grove, Ark.)

I know little to nothing about this clock except that it was in great dis-repair when given to me. The weights and pendulum missing. I took it apart, cleaned and put the chains back in their proper position. I purchased weights but they do not seem to be heavy enough, nor do I have the proper pendulum.

The clock seems to be rather old. I made a pendulum and have been expermenting with the lenght of the stem. It works for approx. 3 to 4 mins. before stopping, I'm sure due to the improper weights. It's 12 inches from the peak of the roof to the bottom of the box...approx.17 inches from the uppermost intricate woodwork (Doves head) to the lower woodwork.

Is there anything you can tell me about the proper weights and size of the pendulum. I do know that they were made in Japan...but don't know when. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Would send a picture but I've lost my internet browser.
Thank you
Joanne Hall

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