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Pleasae help me identify my antique clock
by: Ray Copping

This is a Vienna Regulator - probably manufactured in Germany or Vienna either late 1800's or early 1900's. You don't say how many weights there are? It could come with one, two or three weights. From the photo I would guess it's got one weight and therefore is only a timepiece. A double weight would also have a striking mechanism.? Value will therefore depend on how many weights - single weight being of less value. However, it looks in good condition. Try examining the back of the works for a GB, an anchor or crossed arrows which would indicate it was manufactured by Gustav Becker.
In terms of market value I suggest that you locate and watch similar clocks on EBay Worldwide and see what they sell for. Say a double weight version I would guess would be around $2000-$3000.

Ansonia - Denver

Can anyone help me find out more about a clock I found while cleaning out my parents home.

Label on the bottom says Astonia - Denver
New York.

Looks similar to the Cabinet #42 model on Anastonia's inventory list only the clock is black.
The Denver model is not found on their list.

No weights
by: Anonymous

There are no weights on that clock. It is key wound.

It's not a Vienna
by: Anonymous

Apart from not being a weigh-driven clock, it's not Austrian either. German factories turned these out by the thousand from around 1895 but the decorated style fell out of favour after about 20 years and Germany fell out of favour for a good reason.
In the UK you can get them for around £100/150 so if anyone wants to pay me USD2,000 each, I'll organise a container load.

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