Please help me identify this clock

by Dean
(Pittsburgh, PA USA)

Bronze face of clock - about 15 inches tall

Bronze face of clock - about 15 inches tall

I bought this clock in Dusseldorf Germany from a small antique store back around in 1993. I am curious to know if anyone can tell me who the manufacturer might have been or any other information about this clock (style, possible age, etc). The lady who sold it to me beleives the clock was made in 1800's era.

It has a bronze face on the clock with a Cherub at the top holding an hour glass and some swans below swimming. There is a marking on the back of the bronze face, intitials M E, and some picture of a tool seperating the letters M E. The clock is in fine working order.

I suspect M E is the manufacturer. Any information would be appreciated.

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