Passed on through the family.

by Carl Baxter

Mantel Clock

Mantel Clock

It has an eight day chime and three winding holes. It has no name or any writing on it apart from under the glass front casing where it says silent or chime next to a sliding small switch.

It is a strange shape with four silver coloured pins which it stands on. It has a door in the back where the chimes are. The door has a small turning switch which locks the back door. It is a Westminister Chime.

Brown with decorated dark brown. The glass front is held in by a hinge. Inside near the cogs it says two things (15cm) and (178,28) The key has two holes in the top and is a square turning key. This turns 3 holes in the front of the clock. This is all I can tell you about it.

Oh, my mum said it could be over 60 years old but she is no professional with these type of items.

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