Old Timer - Wm L Gilbert 1137

by Rich

A friend recently moved to CA and gave us a mantle clock that was her Grandfathers. The face has no manufacturer name and says only "Made in United States of America" it has 2 key holes. The label on bottom of the clock has a just a few legible letters:

No 1137 W.M. L Clock Co.

There are no markings on the works. And the opening at the rear of the non-descript case has a 45degree miter on the bottom of the door panel with a metal tab at top to keep it closed. I searched many sites. Due to lack of info, I concluded this clock is an earlier version those that say Made in USA by W.M. L Gilbert Clock Co, Conn, USA"

By my uneducated eye, the craftsmanship says to me 1880s. Any idea what we have here? I'll try to post photo when I can. Thanks!!!

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