Old Sessions mantle clock runs then stops

by Roxanne Kreh
(Edgewater, Maryland )


I have an old Sessions, what I think is called a "Gingerbread" clock. It will run for 3 or 4 hours and then stop. Once the pendulum is started the clock will run again a while and again it stops.

This clock has been in my family for many many years and spent a considerable time sitting and not running. Actually he (thats what I call the clock "Gramps") just flat refused to run.
I had him in an antique clock shop for service - took the repair man almost 4 months - once home the clock ran well for a year or two. Then it stopped and just wouldnt run. Inheriting my fathers gift of patence, I was able to get the clock running again. It has run well for several years now and then recently it has started acting up again. He runs for a while and stops. I start him and he runs a while then stops. I am sending a picture of the grumpy old sort in its current state as I have taken him apart again to see what might be the problem. Your help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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maybe help
by: Anonymous

I have an old Sessions clock too. Pop always kept a small glass vial (thimble size) of kerosene inside the case. He said the vapors would keep the clock oiled. It still keeps perfect time, so maybe this is part of the answer...and I still keep the kerosene in there. Also...make sure it is sitting level to help the pendulum work easier.

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