Old Schatz Clock?

by Nico Pappas
(Billings Montana)

Being that I have little/no information on this clock my mother-in-law got at a yard sale for $20.00.

It has a 7 jewel movement several different chime patterns, three key wind up (chimes hour hand and minute hand) or so I have been told.

The case is solid mahogany, and the clock works well, I do not have a photo of it.

On the back of the clock behind the back door there are several inscriptions: one reads Aug. Schatz's & Sohne, while the others are just general about the clock such as 7 Jewel.

The interesting part of the case is on the bottom of it is inscribed 500 894 0047 I do not know the sybolism of this number but its there and it seems important.

Please can you help??????????

Any information on the year of this clock and or a value of the clock you can comment here.

Thank you so so so much.

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