Not working Franz Hermle

by Stella

I just bought a Franz Hermle wall clock and took a chance on it working - looks like its not. It has 2 heavy wieghts for both chains the left chain seems to work with constant chime of bell while moving the right will not move at all. Chain is right to the top of the clock. The no, on the clock is 86. I understand that would be its year of making. Other no, is 261- 0808.

I have no idea what to do with this clock can you help?

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Hermle Clock
by: Bill

There is just not enough information here for a diagnosis. The fact that there is a problem with both the chime and time suggests that at the very least it needs to be cleaned and oiled. All mechanical clock movements need this done regularly every few years. Mos people do not have this done, so it is probably causing your problems.

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