Norman Rockwell Clock

by Nancy

Norman Rockwell Clock

Norman Rockwell Clock

It was some years ago that I slowly built up a collection of Hummels and Norman Rockwell pictures. Both were reminders of a gentler time. I would often look at these sweet pictures or figurines and become quite calm.

My mother at times would add to my collection amid cries of, "You shouldn't have done that." I figured she couldn't afford such expensive trinkets, but she loved to see them displayed, too.

On a crisp Christmas day about 15 years ago she presented me with a Norman Rockwell quartz clock. Over the years, no matter how many times I changed the batteries, it lost time. It was not reliable in keeping its accuracy. I have kept this clock because it reminds me of how I am like that clock. As I age I find that I, too, am not as accurate as when I was younger. I, too, am still capable of productivity, but just not as fast.

I am reminded, too, of the mother who could come across something at any time of the year and think it would be the perfect gift for one of her children and buy it, set it aside for Christmas, and wait to see the reaction in happy anticipation that her choice was correct.

Oh, this quartz clock was not that expensive, but it reflected what I loved the most...children whos faces and actions reflected an innocent beauty and animals.

I have since sold some of my collectibles, but this Norman Rockwell clock still remains with me as a reminder of gentleness and innocence and a Christmas past.

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