New Haven Tambour mantle clock winding question.

by Tom Kennedy

I received this mantle clock from my Dad some years ago. I would like to know what the three winding devices control.

One is above the 8 , one above the 6 , and one above the 4 on the clock face. Also what do the two push-pull knobs control that are inside and below the 12 on the clock face. Last question when should my clock chime ? On the hour, 1/2 hour , 1/4 hour?

Thank you for your time.

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Thanks for the reply Bill
by: Tom

Great info, after closer investigation the two "knobs" on top are exactly what you thought.One is a push pull for the chime on\off the other is a speed regulator After a good cleaning and a little lubrication the clock run great. Thanks Bill !!

Westminster Chime Clocks
by: Bill

The hole near the 6 is for the time function. The one at the 4 is for the Westminster Chimes, and the one near the 8 is for the hourly strike.

The clock should chime 4 notes at :15, 8 notes at :30, 12 notes at :45, and 16 notes on the hour. At the hour, The clock will strike the number of hours after it plays the 16 note Westminster chimes.

I do not know what push/pull knobs are on your particular clock, but the only knobs/levers I see on these either turn the chimes on and off, or adjust the clock to run faster or slower.

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