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by: Chuck B

I have no idea about your clock, regarding its origin, however; you seem to hint at what could be the answer. If the clock is similar to others you saw, were those clocks New Haven?? If not, my theory is wrong... Perhaps it's a prototype of sorts. It was not uncommon, (even today) for companies to produce such prototypes to see what they might look like, or even to produce another line of clocks for another company (private label, etc) as a sample.


Re Prototype
by: Yvonne

I took the face off the clock and found the mechanism had a mark that said New Haven Trade Mark U.S.A. I also found the pendulum which was wedged in the gears. The similar clocks I found online were N.H. clocks but were either much taller or had more stylized wood work. The closest was called a Los Santos Mission Clock. Perhaps you are right and it is a prototype.
Of course the next question is...Does a prototype have any value?


by: Chuck

I am not sure...sorry. I am a guitar and watch collector and I know that prototypes, whether the piece went into production or not, are even more valuable than the subsequent production items. Obviously, it's more "rare" because it is a one-off. The fact that your clock is shorter, displays that. They may have built this clock to see how it would fare and upon taking in some opinions, decided to make it taller, as you have explained.

I don't know how you'd find out. Are any old company records available?? Here might be a place to start:

Thank You
by: Yvonne

Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

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