New Haven Clock that does not Chime correctly.

by Sherry Perrie
(Unionville, CT)

We have a New Haven Mantel Clock that is electric. Anytime the power dims it stops. Then we have to manually wind the clock to get it started again. I am thinking this was thought to be a great innovation in the 1940's, but it turned out to be a nuisance appliance. Now the chimes do not coincide with the time. For example, at 4 o'clock it chimes 4 times. Is there a way we can correct this? If we have to have it repaired, what should we specifically ask.

Thank you,
Sherry Perrie

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Correcting the chimes
by: Bill

Hi Sherrie,

There should be a lever or trip wire somewhere on the movement to advance the chimes until they match the hour indicated.

If you can not find this, you can move the hour hand to the correct hour by sliding it around to the correct time indicated by the chimes. This is only possible when the hour hand is held in place by friction, not if it is held with a nut. Most of these clocks have the hour hand held by friction only. Grab it near the center post so as not to break the hand off and twist it to the correct hour.

Hope this is helpful.

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