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Banjo Clock
by: Bill

This is a banjo clock made by New Haven Clock Company. There were in fact many Banjo clocks made with chimes.

As far as the value goes, your estimate of $1800. is a little high in my opinion, of course it depends on the venue of sale. Fine antique stores bring a higher price than auction, for example. My estimate would be around $800. - $900. in an antique store, but this is only from my knowledge of what similar clocks have sold for. I have not seen a price on this particular model.

Thanks for posting.

Initials on painting?
by: Vernie

Thanks so much, Bill. Does anyone know about the intials on the ship painting, they ar JW, or TW

Same clock
by: Chris

Could you post a close up picture of the dial? My mother has the very same clock. Her father bought it new around 1933 in New Haven, CT. My mom had it serviced years ago and the place installed a sticker over the face to "clean up" the dial. We had the sticker removed and the numbers repainted but we're trying to get the dial back to the way it was orginally. Thanks! Chris

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