New England Mantel Clock Keeps Stopping

by Alisa
(Jacksonville, FL)

New England Mantel Clock

New England Mantel Clock

I have a New England Westminster Chime Mantel clock that is about 20 years old. It is a 7 day clock that winds. Unfortunately, this clock has always been temperamental. The first year I owned it, it would stop for no apparent reason. I took it back several times for repair. They would insist that they found nothing wrong with it. I would bring it home and it run great for a few days or weeks, then for no apparent reason would stop running again.

I finally gave up on the clock and since I love it I kept it but didn't bother winding it for many years. Then, a month ago I moved the piece of furniture it sits on and viola! it started running again. I figured it was a fluke and would stop in 5 minutes but it ran beautifully for 3 weeks with regular windings. But, as suddenly as it started working it has mysterious gone back to its former habit of running for 5-10 minutes then it stops.

I suspect this clock is ultra-sensitive to being level since it is mechanical, but I am not sure if this is the problem. I would welcome any and all ideas as I love this clock and miss hearing its beautiful chimes.



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