New England Clock Co. Farmington Conn.

by Judy

I know absolutely nothing about clocks. A friend was throwing it out and my daughter rescued it. It is very pretty with dark wood and has the look of an antique but I am certain it is not.

The number inside is NE 2100 and it is an 8 day wind up clock and it sounds like a coo coo clock. It is a wall model or could stand up on a mantel I guess. My daughter loves this clock and I would just like to tell her a little about it.

Thank you so much for any comments. Judy from Michigan

Note from Bill: Without a picture, it is hard to give a lot of information. You are correct that it is not antique. New England Clock Company started in the 1950's. There American Cuckoo clock was popular and sold the most between 1960 to 1970. I hope this helps.

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