by Stacy Honeycutt
(Wayne, New Jersey)

I bought this clock at an estate sale several years ago, in Montclair, NJ. It has since fallen into disrepair and needs an overhaul to get it running again.

I had a repairman out to my house, and he charged me $450.00 to fix it and reset the weights, etc. it ran for about two days and then stopped working completely. He was unreachable after that by telephone and there are no other repairmen in the Wayne, NJ area to come out and look at it.

I need to know a price value for the clock itself and for what repairs should have cost me and if at all possible, the name of someone reputable, in the Wayne, NJ area.

Please and thank you.

Can someone please help me? This clock is important to me and I am desperate to get it running again. My email is; "", please someone let me know if there is any hope of doing so for this beautiful clock.

Stacy Honeycutt

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