Napoleon Hat Clock - 3 hole. No instructions.

On reading other posts I suspect the middle hole is for time, left for hour chime and right for quarters but I'm not sure as my clock is different from the one discussed.

I would like to use it without the chimes but don't know if this is possible. My Granny used to grab a few pairs of (clean) undies and stuff them in the back to muffle it! I have had it repaired since I inherited it.

Is there a lever to stop it chiming? I'd like to turn it off in the evenings. If that's a silly idea, then is it possible to just leave the chimes unwound - would this harm it?

Also, it has not been wound for some years - do I need to oil it or anything first?

The boyfriend has finally agreed he'd like it going now. It used to interfere with his TV.

- Yes, I know - I should have just kept the clock and got rid of the opposition! - Many thanks for any information.

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