Mystery grandfather clock

by Margie
(Altus, OK)

I have a grandfather clock that measures over 7 feet tall. It has a carved casing I think in oak. The face is brass with three brass weights. It chimes every fifteen minutes.

There is no name on the face of the clock. On the back of the clock works are the initials HWN with the name "Heanina" under the initials. Under the word Heanina is the words "mit garantie" and under that are the letters DRPa. To the right of the word Heanina is the number 121440 and to the left of the word Heanina is the number 2909 that looks like it is hand scratched. There are some marks around the 2909 but I am unable to describe it.

I am unable to post a picture at this time. Any help you can give me as to where I can go to find out more about this I would love to know more. We bought the clock in 1970 from a clock collector in central OK when we wanted to add a clock to our living room.

Thanks so much, I would appreciate hearing from anyone that can give me any information.

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