My Wind Up Dancing Ballerina Clock

by Sandy
(Las Vegas, NV)

A Wind-up Dancing Ballerina Clock

A Wind-up Dancing Ballerina Clock

Not being a clock collector, I do have more than just a few older clocks, and watches too. Some work, and some have long ago had their last tick, and have no monetary value that I know of. I simply can't bring myself to discard them. Todays clocks and watches are more high tech, and of course I own a few of those too, and love the fact that they are so accurate. Still, I love the aged clocks. For some reason, the wind up clocks & watches fascinate me with the intricate little wheels moving around inside, and the ticking sound they make gives me a feeling of comfort, sort of like coming home after being gone for a long time.

The Waltham clock that I have taken this picture of to share with you, came into my possession sometime around 1969 or 1970. I'm not exactly sure of the year. Since I've always been a collector of old things, I have always haunted thrift shops, junk yards etc., just looking for things that I find to be of interest. Due to my enthusiasm, my two sons were always excited to go with me to search through the junk looking for a jewel, and they both still carry on this hobby almost 40 years later. We found a thrift shop in Long Beach, California that had what we called "the junk yard," just outside, where they stored and sold the things they didn't want to repair, and this was one of our favorite places to browse through.

There was an old oak bedroom set there on that day, that was in dire need of repair, and I was looking at it because of the oak wood, trying to decide whether to purchase and restore it. When I opened the drawer to one of the night tables, this clock was inside the drawer. It looked in pretty sad shape, with dirt and finger marks, and the little ballerina was not standing up. Having decided against the bedroom set, I took the clock to the lady at the cash register to ask the cost, and she said I could have it for five cents!

After getting the clock home, and removing all the dirt and greasy finger marks, I wound it, and it worked. After taking the clock apart to replace the Ballerina doll onto the stand inside the "stage" I proceeded to wind the musical key, and discovered that it also worked, and it plays the song "Oh what a beautiful morning." We were all thrilled with our beautiful little clock! This little clock has kept perfect time, until about two weeks ago when it stopped ticking. The music still plays, and the little Ballerina doll that you see in the built in stage "dances" round & round to the music. I would doubt that this clock has any monetary value, but I will have it repaired, and will keep it for myself. It was a fun find!

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Dancing Ballerina Clock For Sale
by: Anonymous

I have a similar clock for sale. Great condition, and the dancer still moves gracefully.

Similar clock on Ebay
by: Anonymous

ther There is a similar clock on ebay at the moment. It is listed as Linden Black Forest Dancing Ballerina Wind Up Clock. Not exactly the same, but close.

by: geoff

i have a ballerina alarm clock by a german maker called peter it has a dancing ballerina wich dancer on the hour to a lullaby tune its brass case coverd in green bakerlite with flowers my email is

really would love to buy one
by: Anonymous

I have been searching for exactly this clock as I had one when I was a child and it was stolen a few years ago in a house theft.

Any clues on where I could get one?


Ballerina clock by Waltham
by: Barbara Solberg

I too had one of these ballerina clocks my grandma gave me, I would love to buy one! Anyone know how or where to get one???? My e-mail is

by: Jim

Sandy, I just bought one the other day at an estate acution. I just love it and want to give it to my grandaughter, but one of the gears on the music mechanism is missing some if not all of the teeth. I have been all over the internet but have yet to find a site that can accomadate me. Did you have any luck in getting yours repaired, if so, do you know of a site that can be of help?


Great Grandmas clock
by: Jules

My Great Grandmother had a clock just the same
and I have been looking for one for years. She would wind it up for me when i went to visit her in the middle 1960s. It was good to see a picture of one.

Hey, there's my clock
by: PJ

I have one of these that I received as a gift as a child some time in the late 1960's. I forgot about it until I found it in a drawer the other day! I think I found it annoying as a kid, but now am glad I kept it. Mine looks the same, but has the company name of Heco on the clock face. Still works too. Does anyone know their appoximate value?

Dancing ballerina clock
by: Anonymous

My Grandma gave me one of these clocks too! I hated it then because of the music which was "love is a dream yet it's so real" Now I want it, please someone tell me where I can get one!
My email is

Valentine Gift Balerina Clock
by: Evelyn Jordan

My husband gave my daughter one for Valentines Day in 1961. He purchased it on the way home from work at a drugstore. It still works and I have it.

Wind Up Dancing Ballerina Alarm Clock
by: Anonymous

My father bought me one of these clocks when I was about 12 years old. I hated it, but wish I had it now. I don't know why I disliked it so much, but if anyone knows where I can find one now, I would appreciate knowing.

Ballerina Fantasy
by: Roxi

That clock was for sale at a department store in downtown Lansing, Michigan, when I was 8 years old in 1960. I never did have dancing lessons, but I was obsessed with ballerinas. Ballerina wallpaper in my bedroom, ballerina figurines on the shelves. I wanted this clock more than anything in the world for my 8th birthday. I didn't get it. :-( Thank you for the photograph!

Where to buy this clock?
by: Gloria Kirk

Does anyone know where I can buy this clock? My grandmother gave me this clock when I was little and I'd love to own one again. If you know please e-mail me at Thanks!

Yo! Ballerina Clocks
by: Anonymous

I love these clocks and I just got back from a trip to Barcelona where I saw one of these for sale in an antique market, in front of the cathedral in the old town. They wanted 120 euro ... thats about 100 pounds so I guess about 180 odd dollars!!

Memories of Dancing Ballerina Clock
by: Anonymous

OMG! I remember that clock. My favorite aunt gave me one -- sometime in the early 60's - or maybe late 60's. But I don't think it was new when she gave to me. It definitely reminds me of my favorite Aunt Ora - strongest, kindest, funniest woman I know.

Ballerina Clock
by: Temma Mauldin

I got one of those for Christmas in 1960 if that helps you date it

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