My waterbury clock collects dust

by bill
(deerlodge, mt. )

I recieved this clock in the mid 60's. My aunt owned it, I commented on it and she gave it to me.

I had it cleaned several years later, and the jeweler wanted to buy it. The only thing wrong with it was a cleaning. Why sell it when I have'nt even heard it run!

It has a westminster chime, I kinda liked it. Well over the years things happen, the clock went into storage, and it hasn't been run since. The jeweler put a bug in my ear, and I've been curious about why he wanted it, how old it is, and its worth.

The information on the clock goes like this.--

Its a mantel, or shelf type clock, model is Richmond Doutone. It has 18671 stamped on a separate label.

I would send a picture, but I'm pretty much computer illiterate. Its domed in the middle, and sloped down to thin sides. It is not ornate. Simple in design and style.

The patents on the clock works range from 1910 to June 3 1924. Any info would be appreciated. Bill

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