My Thrift Store Clock

by Bruce Shurtz
(Scheller, IL, U.S.A.)

Howard Miller Thrift Store Clock Find

Howard Miller Thrift Store Clock Find

I was looking through things donated to a thrift second hand store and came across this clock marked $2.00 (not working). The clock was very dirty and had paint splattered all over the top wooden cover and the Brass ball on top. The bottom had a battery holder for a "C" cell battery which was all eaten up from a battery that had burst in it.

So, I bought the clock, cleaned the thing, removed the parts eaten by the battery and replaced those contacts with new ones. I tore down the movement and cleaned it put it back together did a lube job on it, and then used fine steel wool to clean the wooden base and top then sprayed new coats of Shellac on them.

Well, all the work turned out to be worth it since it keeps perfect time and looks so nice too. I don't have much info on this clock and have not seen another one like it yet.
Clock Collector,
Bruce Shurtz

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