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US Navy Boat clock
by: iskandar


I bought the same clock on Ebay for around US320.

seth thomas boat clock
by: Iskandar

Please let me now if you plan to sell it. I am interested to buy.
email me at


marine clock
by: Anonymous

These clocks are very much desired by the vintage boat collectors. They put them on their boats. There probably was a barometer this went with. What its worth would be determined by whos buying on ebay. Ive sold a few other brands there myself. If you plan on selling do it in the spring when folks are working on their boats. Id say the fellow liked you.

by: Anonymous

That is some great advice. Thanks very much for letting me know. Art Miller

what about those holes
by: BrightSky9

Those are holes around the outside, by the hour-numbers, right? Do you know what they're for?

from Australia
by: Max

Maybe your number does not commence with an 8 but possibly B186
As an amatuer marine historian with an interest in ships clocks I would be checking the provenance of your clock with the pennant number of ships during WW2.
Note: Pennant numbers may be called something else in US. Perhaps ID #
The N is a diamond has me foxed, maybe it denotes a mess or suchlike. An interesting research project.
I have several clocks of similar vintage, however the holes alongside each numeral puzzle me.

I live in Newtown and can buy
by: Anonymous

I live in Bucks County and want to sbuy this clock, can we discuss? thanks,

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