My old Welch Clock handed down to me.

by Chip Whitley
( Carthage Mississippi)

E. N. Welch Kitchen Clock

E. N. Welch Kitchen Clock

I have a old E.N. Welch clock that appears to be a mantle clock. I really dont know how old this item is but from what I have researched it came from the late 1800's to early 1900's era.

This clock is 21 inches tall at the highest point and 13 inches wide and 5 inches thick.It has etched glass on the front with a angel in the center.The cabinet looks to be hand carved out of walnut or some other hardwood.It has the original winding key with it. It has a chime that will strike on the hour and every half hour.

I will enclose a picture . I would like to know the year of mfg. and the estimated value I might consider selling if price is right. This clock runs and chimes ok.

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