My mantel clock runs very slow

by William Seidel
(Titusville, Fl. USA)

How do I adjust the movement to run faster? My clock is a Seth Thomas, A Talley Industries Co Norcross, Ga. The movement is two (2) Jewels unadjusted. Made in West Germany. The numbers on the movement are 450009 and 8503.

The clock chimes on the quarter hours. There is no pendulum.There is a spring mechanism at the top of the movement with a metallic arm that extends to a threaded bolt-like thingy. If this is the adjustment how does it work? If it isn't where do I find it? Please help. I am sorry that I do not have a picture.


William Seidel

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Seth Thomas Clock Adjustment.
by: Bill

Hi William,

The threaded rod is the fast/slow adjustment. The end of this rod has a slot for a small screwdriver. There should be a + and - sign near this rod engraved on the movement itself to let you know which way to turn the rod.

Hope this helps you. Bill

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