My Mantel Clock Occasionally stops

by Dean Barrett

Mantel clock

Mantel clock


I recently purchased an Art Deco Mahogany Cased Striking mantel Clock, with an 8 day pendulum movement, off ebay.

Occasionally it will stop even if it has only just been wound the day before, and then it will go for days, it has only stopped twice during the 3 weeks I've had it.

Why is this happening? can it be easily sorted by myself, or will it need an expert?



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Stopping clock
by: Bill

Hi Dean,

The most common reasons for a clock stopping are:

1 The pendulum is not in beat. Make sure that the ticking sound of the clock is nice and even. If not, raise first one side then the other until the clock is ticking smoothly.

2 The hands are rubbing each other. Look at the hub where the hands are attached and make sure there is at least a small gap between the minute and hour hand. If they appear to be rubbing, push the hour hand further onto the center shaft.

3 The chime mechanism is stopping the clock. This will usually result in the clock stopping at the same spot - usually at about five minutes before the chime. If this is the case, a clock repair person can easily fix the problem.

Hope this helps, Bill

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