My lovely Black forest Cuckoo Clock

by Anita Vazirani
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

Picture Of My Amazing Black forest Cuckoo Clock

Picture Of My Amazing Black forest Cuckoo Clock

I think my all-time favorite clocks are antique cuckoo clocks. I know they are too outdated. But I can’t help it at all, I just love them. It all started at a friend of my grandmother’s home when I was five or six years old. She had a beautiful Black Forest cuckoo clock, and I would sit underneath it just waiting for the cuckoo to come out. It was a beautifully decorated, fancy cuckoo clock that cuckooed once on the quarter-hour. A couple of decades later I got a call from my mother. It seems that grandmother’s friend, had left me the clock in her will. And it was now in my Mom’s living room. I flew home the next day, and it’s been the centerpiece of my clock collection ever since. Many clocks later, I now know that it’s the best example of a Black Forest clock, because I’ve paid hundreds of dollars each for two other excellent Black Forest clocks. I am in heaven when the clock cuckoos. I remember my childhood days and how my grandmother and her friend used to to smile wathing me sit under that cuckoo clock waiting for the cuckoo to come out. I will never forget those days and I guess that this cuckoo clock will also help me not forget it. It will be with me forever till I die. I have also decided that I will give this clock to my granddaughter when I leave for heaven.

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