My Jeeves Alarm Clock

by Ellen

Jeeves alarm clock

Jeeves alarm clock

This is a Jeeves clock that came from a company called Voco in the United Kingdom. It is a talking alarm clock which contains 150 different wake-up messages from the valet known as Jeeves.

Jeeves was a character invented by P.G. Wodehouse and was a valet who waited on a wealthy gentleman named Wooster. Jeeves was played in a TV series by the actor Stephen Fry. Fry's voice is the one that is used for the clock.

All of the messages are very complimentary, soothing, and sometimes ego-boosting. Before the message is heard, you hear birds cheeping. After each message, the clock beeps until you push the little dial at the top center. You can also set an alarm by switching a lever in the back and winding the little dial back there.

There is also a little button on top of the clock that, when pressed, causes you to hear one of twelve other messages like "I am very much obliged to you."

This particular clock will call you "madam"; there is another version that calls you "sir." I got this one last Christmas, 2007.

Some people who are very heavy sleepers might not hear the alarm voice because it is a soft and melodic voice. There is one more option: a ten-minute winding down exercise designed to help you to get to sleep. There is some ambient music in the background as the voice guides you through your relaxation phases.

This clock probably cost about $70 to $80 or so in U.S. dollars because it is a specialty item.

Comments for My Jeeves Alarm Clock

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Good Morning Madam
by: Marjorie

No more loud annoying alarm...Now I have bird
songs and "Jeeves" to awaken me and give me my
morning message.
It's a great clock...great gift.

available now on ebay @247thebest
by: Anonymous

I have 14 'sir' clock. Hurry. When they're gone - they're gone.

by: PZC

Please, as the gentleman would tell you himself, it is "Jeeves" not "Mr. Jeeves" if you please, sir/madam.

Note: Thanks for the heads up. It has been corrected. Bill

Where to get the clock
by: Anonymous


You can aquire this clock at

Wishing you well,

Jeeves Seems Popular
by: Bill

This is an amazing clock as far as I can tell from your post. I have never seen one before. I can tell you that Jeeves is certainly popular though - judging from all the e-mail I get commenting on it.

Can you tell me about when they were made? Maybe they still are. Also, is the clock made of plastic? Is it mechanical or battery operated?

I sure would like to know more about your Jeeves Alarm Clock!

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