My great, great grandfather's clock

by Greg Goss
(Woodstock, Georgia, U.S.A.)

Antique Parlor Clock

Antique Parlor Clock

I inherited this clock from my grandfather (who inherited it from his grandfather) 12 years ago when he passed away. It did not work when I received it because my grandfather did not tend to it the last few years of his life due to illness, etc.

My wife surprised me last week when she had it fixed. I have never been more excited to hear that sound again, it's like having my grandpa in the room with me - it is and has been my most prized possession.

My question is what kind of clock is it? The clock repair man needed to replace the top finial and so he researched as much as he could but was never able to find another clock like it in any of his books.

The receipt for the clock repair lists the clock as an Ingraham Parlor Clock however when I did some research online I found two Waterbury clocks with the exact same stencil design on the front door. I am confused.

Anything you could tell me no matter how trivial would help tremendously.

Thank you very much.

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