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Possible match
by: jorge

It's hard to tell, - but part of the movement and pendulum set up shown seem to match the one I have - which has a damaged escape wheel and I am presently looking for one...

The rear of the movement as shown - with what I think is a "chimes wheel" ??? matches the movement in mine, and has the number 33950 stamped on it .

No other ID in mine - in fact, none.
I think as you do, this may be of German origin.

I bought it some 30 years ago in Santiago,Chile, South America. I live in the USA.

Vienna Regulator
by: Ray Copping

This is a Vienna Regulator probably made in Germany in the late 19th Century. More Vienna Regulators were made in Germany than Austria.
Pity that you have had to destroy the original timber case.

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