My Grandfather clock will not chime

I did everything suggested in the trouble shoot manual for my Howard Miller Grandfather clock but it still will not chime- the left and right weights still will not drop. I would like to remove the hour hand but do not know how to do it. I have sucessfully removed the minute hand. I want to check the front behind the moon disc to see if the silent bar came lose.

Thank you for any information you may offer.

Doug Hoffman

Note from Bill

Hi Doug, The hour hand on most Howard Miller grandfather clocks is just held on with friction. Gently grab the hand near the center shaft so you won't break it and twist it while pulling at the same time and it should come off.

There are a few exceptions especially if the clock is very old where a large, thin nut holds the hour hand on, but if this is the case, you would see the nut. These pull straight out toward you after removing the nut.

I hope this helps.

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Another thought
by: Bill

Another common reason for them to stop chiming is the need to be cleaned and oiled. If it has been slowing down before stopping, this is probably the problem.

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