My Family's Time

by Pat

I got this mantel clock from my deceased cousins husband who also recently passed away.I'm sure it was his parents or grandparents clock.

It is made by the New Haven Clock Co. and on the bottom of the clock the label also says Toledo in big black letters which I am thinking is the style of clock.

It seems to be mahogany or black walnut.It has a pretty door on the back in the shape of an archway with a little knob on it.

The face is metal with the words chime silent under the number twelve and above the six are the words New Haven in script form. Under the number six it says the "New Haven Clock Co. USA" in print form.

The glass front for the door is missing but it seems to have all the parts inside and it looks like brass. It states there are 5 patents starting with 1918 and ending with Dec. 25,1923 which seems funny because I just love Christmas and if I could get this clock to chime on Christmas Day I would be delighted.

I can probably get a picture but I am computer illiterate and will have to get my daughter to do it for me. Any info would be great. Thanks in advance.

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