by Blane Cox
(Dublin, Ca.)

I have a clock that was given to me by dad. He was staitioned in Germany in 1952. He bought a JUNGHANS ATO and had it shipped home.

It is battery powered but the battery had long since died when he gave it to me. The battery was in a small cardboard box with (2) terminal's. I was able to have the guy's at BATTERIES PLUS make one for me. I put it in and the clock started right up and run's perfect except for being a little slow. I think I know how to adjust it but am afraid I might damage it.

It is rectangled shape with a glass cover. It look's like it is brand new, but if you knew my dad you wouldn't expect anything else. Is there anything you can tell me about it. Most important would be how to adjust it. Thank you for your time. Blane Cox

Sorry, but I couldn't figure out to send a picture.

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