Mother's clock

by Suzanna Gooodyear
(Stonewood, WV, USA)

My Mother found this clock in an antique shop in Morristown, NJ, in the mid 50's. The dealer was, I think, Henry Brown. Dad bought it for her for Christmas. She had a stroke in 1977 and since the house would be empty when my sisters and I were not there, she asked me to take it home, which I did. Then she died. No one else wanted it and I still have it.

It has a mahogany case, with brass grills on the sides, red velvet, very worn inside the grill, a red and black marble face with brass hands, engraved , gilded numerals.

It had been described as a French clock, by Werner Paul of Fishkill, I think, New York,(way north on the Sacandaga reservoir). My current clock man thinks it is American.

It is engraved C. Herter or G. Herted. I have thought it was Christian Herter. Christian Herter and his brother Gustav (?) were furniture makers, not clock makers. It is possible they made the case and the works are of some other origin.

I would really like to know how old it is, where it was made, by whom. Mr. Smarr says there is a number inside but we did not open it again. It was recently repaired with new barrel springs.

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