Mantel clocks

by Dawn F

My 2 Mantel Clocks

My 2 Mantel Clocks

I have 2 different mantel clocks. I know one is old but I can not find no info on either one I would like to know the history of them.

All I know is one says...5 E Ingraham Co., Bristol, Ct. USA and has 29 on it. The other has 87 H, Hamilton two(2)jewels unadjusted made in west Germany 340-020. I would love it if any one could tell me about these two clocks. Thank You, ~~Dawn

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Hamilton Wind up Mantel Clock
by: Doreen

I have a Hamilton Wind up Mantel Clock that plays West, St Mich and Whit. It states 83 Hamilton
2 Jewels unadjusted, Made in West Germany, 1050-20

I have had it for 30 years and it was suppose to belong to a grandmother. How do I tell how old it is, and how much it is worth?
Appreciate your help!

Mantel Clock wind up
by: Anonymous

I also have a old Made in Germany wind up clock and I want to get some ifo like the value and year .

Two Very Different Mantel Clocks - Reply
by: Anonymous

The numbers "5 29" on the Ingraham movement indicate May 1929. The case, however, is probably 10-15 years earlier, but is in the Ingraham Kitchenette series. I suspect the movement is a later replacement.

Two Very Different Mantel Clocks
by: Bill

Your oldest mantel clock was made after 1884 since that is when the company incorporated as The E. Ingraham Company. They were in business under that name until 1958 when the name was changed to The Ingraham Company.

I would guess that the clock you have is about 100 years old (early 1900's) going by the style. Maybe someone with an old Ingraham catalog can let us know a specific date.

The Hamilton clock was probably made in the 1970's using the trademark of The Hamilton Watch Company from Lancaster, Pa. By the '70s most of their clocks (including your bracket clock) were made in Germany and the movements were usually made by the Hermle Clock Company.

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