Maconic symbols. Japy Fils. Marble MantelClock.

by Jan C. Lagendijk

Marble Mantel Clock

Marble Mantel Clock

I bought this clock in Belgium on an antique market some 20 years ago.

Its a heavy black marble mantle clock with symbols of freemasonry I think. The bronze figure looks like Pythagoras the great master of mathematics. He is sitting on a perfect cubus and his cloth reveals the right-angle square of his statement.

Inside the clocksplate the mark is an inscription in letters :
L.Japy.fils. and numbered 760.

The casting of the bronze is of very high quality but I didnot see any makersmark?

What is known about the clockmaker and the sculptor ?
What is the market value and are there more identical clocks known in any museum in the world.Is there a brochure where my clock is illustrated ?
Hope to hear more particulars.

Jan C. Lagendijk. Holland.

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