Linden Black Forest Westminster 8 day chime... help

by MJones
(Frisco, CO)

I recently purchased a Linden (West Germany) Black Forest Westminster 8 day chime mantle clock at a thrift store.

I know nothing about it, but it appears to be in great shape and has the winding key. Now that I am home trying to get it to run I can't seem to get it to wind properly. There are three points to wind and the two side points (the chime and strike?) are wound so tight that I can't turn the key at all, but the middle point (time?) will let me wind and wind without any change. It's not tightening or starting or anything. I am assuming this could be a major problem and therefore will not wind tight until fixed, which may be a costly repair?

Any suggestions to prevent me from spending money on a repair. Or any idea on the cost of such repair vs. the worth of the clock itself. Basically any information on this clock and possible repair would be appreciated. Thanks!

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