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"Kienzel" or "Kienzle"?
by: Adrian-Ioan from Transylvania

Kienzle is a very good German brand, you have a wonderful clock. I suppose it's made in the fifties. Due to its age, the movement surely NEEDS CLEANING AND OILING.
The winding shafts are: 4-> Westminster chiming/ 6-> clock running/ 8-> hour striking.
Normally you have to wind all of them once a week, WITHOUT USING EXTREME FORCE. First wind them 2 complete key rotations and let the clock, chiming and striking run until stops. Then you'll progressively increase the number of rotations, a half at a time, no more than necessary. It's possible for one of the shafts to need winding more than once a week.
If the chiming stops and you wind it again, it will chime inexact in the first 1-2 hours. No problem, it will get back on track itself. When there's no chiming, there's no hour striking too, because the end of the hour chiming starts the striking.
The precision of this kind of clock is about 2-3 minutes a week. DON'T TURN THE MINUTE HAND BACKWARDS, if it goes faster stop the pendulum for a while if it has one or turn the clock on its back (with the dial up) to stop if it doesn't have a pendulum.
Don't delay taking the clock to a GOOD CLOCKMAKER. He will teach you more.
I have a similar clock made in Germany by "Lauffer" and I love it. I hope your clock will give you and your family many more years of delight. Best regards, Adrian.

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