Kroeber Clock gift from Grandma

by Sherry
(Louisville, KY)

Kroeber Clock

Kroeber Clock

I have had this clock sitting on my fireplace mantle for several years. I had to move it tonight for redecorating and thought I would do some research on it.

I know it is Kroeber because it has the label inside. There is the remainder of a tag at the bottom in the picture -I don't know if this was the clock type or what. The really fun part is that the original sales receipt is taped to the back of the clock. It was sold 7-12-87 (1887) in Louisville, KY by the Leonard Huber Jewelry and Clock House.

The tag lists the name of the purchaser although I can't really make it out. I would like to know what the style is- I was thinking Floretta or Powhaten. The front glass features some paint brushes drawn on it.

I would also like to know the value. Thanks.

Note from Bill:

Hi Sherry, You have a very nice clock there. The partial label in the picture was the model name. The general type of clock is called a parlor clock.

If it is all original and running, they are quite collectible and sell at auction for $300 - $500.

I appreciate your sharing this with us.

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