Jauch Triple Chime - chime selector is slipping...

by Herb Smith
(Sacramento, Ca. USA)

A recent clock purchase has a Jauch movement with triple chime. I know jauch is not a great movement. However, it cleaned up nicely and is keeping great time.

The problem is that the chime selector is slipping. Since I do not know the technical terms for the parts, I'll try to describe it as best as I can.

The problem is not where the screws tighten onto the main shaft. At each end there is an arm, in front the arm connects to the selector, at the back is an arm that moves the chime in and out. It appears there is some sort of pressure fitting holding these two arm. Is there anyway to tighten the pressure fitting where the selector arm and chime selector arm connect to the main shaft?


Herb Smith

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Chime Selector Switch
by: Bill

Hi Herb,

If I understand you correctly, look between the plates where the shaft pushes the chimes back and forth. There is a spring that creates the tension and holds the shaft where you select.

That spring may be too weak, or their may be oil on the selector that reduces the friction enough that the shaft can not stay in place.

You can try cleaning these parts of oil, a stronger spring, or bending the lever itself to creat friction against the shaft.

I hope this helps. Without a picture of the problem, of course, I may be wrong.

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