Idle-Tyme The Original Rolling Ball Clock

by Joe Mayenschein
(La Valle, WI.)

The Classic Walnut Version

The Classic Walnut Version

Here is the original Rolling Ball Clock. The Idle-Tyme Clock.

The rolling ball clock was invented by Harley Mayenschein in the 1970s. He patented the design and founded Idle Tyme Corporation in 1978, which manufactured these clocks from solid hardwoods. Later, a license on the patent was sold to Arrow Handicraft. In the 1970s and early 1980s

When Harley Passed away in 1985 the family closed the business. It was far to hard emotionally to continue on.

But Tyme heals all wounds and Joe, Harley's Son and primary clock maker is working on getting the business started again. Go to their web site for a complete history of the clock and it's inventor, as well as information on when the clocks will be available again.

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Finally I can own one!!
by: Mark C.

Hi Joseph! I saw your Dad's clock design 30 years ago at Buena Vista Village (Orlando - Disney World) in one of their retail shops. So out of my budget then all I could do is go back a couple times and drool at how cool this timepiece was! When it sold I was heartbroken and on a quest to find another time piece to target ownership one day. Not too easy to find either back then!

An unusual gifts store sold a plastic one that just didn't satisfy my desire for the wood one I first laid eyes on. I'm so happy to learn you have taken up the business and making them available! 30 years Joseph, and now I can have one- I am ecstatic! Thanks for realizing how your Dad's design was so loved and desired.
Best Regards,
Mark C.

Ball clock site
by: Randy Sealle

Have you seen the site? I'll order one for my parents for Christmas.

wow...the real ball clock going to roll again?
by: Anonymous

This is so fantastic. I remember years ago when a friend of mine had one. The wood his clock was made of was a orange color. It was so unique and almost hypnotic the way the little scoop would pick up one ball and place it onto the top level. This time I'm not going to let it get away, I'll get one as soon as I see it on the market. Plus to have the son start up the business, like starting up where his dad left off. Yes time does roll on and on and on...

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