Howard miller wall clock (612-477)

by Shel

The clock keeps great time but hasn't played the chimes for quite some time and I miss them. One of the hammers(the one on top when the clock is laying on its face) moves freely but the one behind doesn't move at all. I know nothing about clocks but thought that it might be something simple. The battery has been replaced. I can hear the click sound when it reaches the 1/2 hour and hour mark but no chimes:( Thank you for any help you can give!

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Mode Selection on 612-477
by: Anonymous

The selector to choose between Strike (one tone) and Bim-Bam (two tones) may also be in Stike selection, hence only one hammer is activated.

Stuck chime
by: Bill

If you hear the click, the electronic part of the movement is working correctly. The problem may be that it is just stuck, but most likely it is a plastic gear that is either worn out or cracked.

Most times, I just replace the entire movement since it is very hard, if not impossible to buy a replacement part for these movements.

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