Howard Miller Grandfather Pendulum Suspension Hanger

(Dardanelle, AR USA)

I need a picture of the correct pendulum suspension hanger position for a Howard Miller Grandfather clock. I hit my pendulum with one of the weights when winding, now the clock will not run.

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Howard Miller Clock
by: Bill

Starting from the very top of the movement. There is a post sticking out the rear of the movement. From this is a small suspension spring attached to the post with either a pin, or small thumb screw. These break very easily and should be the first place to look.

From that spring is the pendulum leader - a piece of metal with hooks on both ends - which should hang on the suspension spring. This pendulum leader should have a hole in the center, which should be placed over the similar looking piece that comes out of the movement and swings back and forth. This is where the power comes from to swing the pendulum.

Finally, the pendulum hangs on the bottom hook of the pendulum leader.

It is likely that the clock may just be out of beat. If the ticking sound is uneven, try swinging the pendulum by hand a few times hard enough to almost hit the sides of the case. This should reset the beat. When properly in beat, the ticking sound will be even sounding.

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