How old is my Ingraham?

by Don
(Missouri, USA)

I have acquired an Ingraham mantel clock. The instruction label is on the "floor" inside the case. The word Pansy is in large bold letters at the top of the label. I assume this is the model name.

The movement is stamped with "E. Ingraham", as well as "Pats Oct8 78, Nov 11 79". I believe it is an 8-day clock, and also has a seperately wound alarm function.

It has a 5" Roman Numeral dial. The door glass is beveled 45 degrees at the top corners. The door frame appears to be made of walnut, but it is hard to tell about the rest of it because of so many finishes being put on through the years.

I am in the process of cleaning it up to refinish. The case is in rough shape; I am trying to find out if it is worth the trouble to try and fix.

Anyone know of the approximate age and worth?

Thanks, Don R

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