Hourly chime 4 hours behind

Have Hamilton wall clock, circa 1983. about 8 inches wide, 2 ft long, has quarter hour chime and hourly bong. Has 3 holes for winding. All are wound correctly. the quarter hour chimes work great. The hour bong is four hours behind.(it is four bongs short) Would appreciate good words on how to fix this. Don Davidson

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Chimes not correct
by: Bill

Hi Don,

This is a very easy fix for most clocks. The hour hand is held in place by friction, so just move the hand to the correct hour by carefully rotating it on its shaft. Some are very tight, but should move with a little pressure. Holding the hand close to the center shaft will reduce the chance of breaking the hand off as sometimes they become very tight after not moving for many years.

There are a few types of clock that this will not work for. The hour hand is not held by friction, but have a square hole in the center. I these cases, you will have to remove the hands by removing the hand nut and pulling them both straight out. Then put the hour hand back on pointing in the correct direction. Sometimes you will have to twist the collar that is attached to the hand first - they are riveted in place, but can be turned with force. This is probably not the way your clock is unless it is a 31-day Korean or Chinese movement.

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