Hemle Bracket Clock chime malfunction

Good day,

My Hemle bracket clock (1050 - 020) has 3 chimes (Westminster, St Michael & Whittington)and they all work if prompted which I do by moving the 'silent' lever up and down. (The 'silent' lever is to the side of the clock behind the clock face, on the left of the clock if you look at it from the back).

However, the clock does not chime automatically - it is supposed to chime on the quarter hour. The hour gong also works if prompted by juggling the 'silent' lever but will not gong automatically on the hour.

It appears that the mechanism is working alright, it just won't chime by itself. I was concerned that I may have over wound the spring, so I spent hours juggling the 'silent' lever and it chimed every time. This would suggest it has not been over wound.

Could there be a simple solution to this problem?
Many thanks.

Paul Richards

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Possible fix...
by: Anonymous

I am new to clock collecting myself. I just bought a Howard Miller Arendal model used that had a broken strike bail (the cable could not be wound on the left-most weight). I installed a brand new Keininger movement and had a similar issue where the clock would chime on every quarter hour except the top of the hour. It would chime and strike when I manually tripped the mechanism. I tried all manner of combinations, selecting silent mode and back or changing the night off setting. All had the same result. At the top of every hour it would not activate without my intervention. In thinking that the movement might reset by itself much like the strike will do if it gets off-sync, when I reached the top of the hour I did not trip it manually, but continued around for another hour. This time, it did strike on the hour exactly as it should. The key...move the hands past every quarter hour, allowing the clock to chime. The first time past the hour, let it remain silent and go around again. Hopefully this helps!

Same problem
by: Beth

My grandfather clock (Hemle movement) only chimes when prompted by moving the level too. Exact same problem. What is the solution? Thank, Beth

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